The Media Impact On The Prevalence Of Disordered Eating Essay

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Does the media impact on the prevalence of disordered eating in young adults?

More often then not, a person will research either obesity or anorexia without any intelligence of them both being very similar. Obesity and anorexia are both complex neurobiological disorders with metabolic consequences (O’toole, 2015)

It doesn’t matter if one is suffering from obesity or anorexia. There is minimal intake of any nutrience for both cases.
Anorexia is an eating disorder in which one is well and truly below a healthy recommended weight. Barely any food is consumed and more often then not, it wouldn’t be nearly enough to cover any of basic requirements to keep a happy healthy body functioning. The general idea of anorexia can be self-inflicted, but there are many recorded cases of anorexia being a disease people do wish to fight against.

Obesity is actually the opposite of anorexia, while being obese is still an eating disorder it is an over consumption of food. Like anorexia it is a disease, and one would be very unhealthy and at serious risk of other diseases that follow closely behind obesity. These conclude of, heart disease, extremely high blood pressure (depending on how obese), high cholesterol level, different types of arthritis and
Cancers, the list goes on.

It can surprise people on how much the social side of your life, and the environmental side can actually play the biggest effect on someone suffering with anorexia. It goes a lot deeper then just starving ones…

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