Essay on The Medical Profession

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Since my childhood, my father 's inspirational recounts as a cardiologist have captured my heart and my interest. While some have tried to sway me from becoming a doctor by noting the grim specter of health care reform looming overhead, I have found myself eager to participate in the public health care debate for the very same reasons I am drawn to enter the medical profession itself. In addressing society 's urgent need for a more efficient and equitable health care system, health care reform centers around working to care and working to cure. To me, these two fundamental tenets infuse the medical profession like no other profession and serve as my principal motivations for pursuing this path. Through my experiences in academic exploration and community service, I have learned that I enjoy both the caring, personal interaction and the intellectual discovery in being a physician.
During my high school and college years, I have explored different areas of community service. Volunteering in the hospital setting and tutoring have been fulfilling experiences because, in both, I have had the opportunity to develop close, personal relationships with individuals in need and to help them during a critical stage of their life. In my freshman year I tutored geometry to an enthusiastic student at C. High School, and I am proud to say that 1 helped make a difference, not only in the final outcome of the course, but in his self-confidence and his attitude towards the field of…

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