The Midlands Integrative Bioscience Training Partnerships Program At The University Of Leicester

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Personal statement

I am particularly interested in pursuing a research career in neuroscience, but I am deeply drawn in undertaking the Midlands Integrative Bioscience Training Partnerships program at the University of Leicester due to its emphasise on integrating different concepts and methods from other disciples via quantitative and experimental approach.

Since my first encounter with science and knowledge, as a young child, I cultivated and spent my teenage years educating and broadening my intellect on different fields from Elizabethan literature to astronomy, even building my own small home-made telescope! The truth is, the moment I encountered knowledge, experimentation and creation I felt that everything in this world can be objectively explained and quantified by connecting the different branches of knowledge. But such view seemed far fetched the moment I received my first school timetable in which each subject seemed to personify a singular paradoxical entity.

As a result I kept my knowledge of integrity to my sole mind and I was rather quiet pumped in secretly associating and linking different branches of knowledge, from single cell organisms such as Protozoa to astrobiology and Charles Darwin scientific literature publications of origins of species. I believe that integration of different knowledge is important because it is the only way one can explain behaviour, science and technology.

During my undergraduate psychology with cognitive…

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