Essay on The New Girl Order : Female Gender

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The New Girl Order

In the American Culture, male gender’s never thought before that female gender would be becoming smarter and powerful by their occupation and education compare with them. From our cultural history, we dominance female gender from everything’s because of their strange and education. We thought female were good at house and society. In the nineteenth century, there were fewer jobs for female, and especially they spent their mush of days at house. In those time, they are not educated like men, and don’t had the same right. When twentieth first started, there were transformation on female gender because of their academic, professional, and economic success at a higher rate than men. Although the government doesn’t treat women equally, and there are many jobs that women could not make.

In the twentieth first century, women reaching academic, professional and economic success at a higher rate than men these days. This country is most advanced in their technology, and has educated people compared with the rest of the world. Everybody has right to fight against his or her freedom. As you can see, there is a high rate of women graduated from higher education compared with men. From the article, “approximately 30 –some percent of women between the ages of 25 and 34 have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 26 percent of their male peers.” When high school girls graduated, they have higher class and higher GPA. They are involved in different types of…

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