The On The Views Of Teachers Essay

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The Views of Teachers
You have at one point and time in your life heard the phrase, “it takes a village.” This sense of comradery between neighbors used to be present, but is now more and more absent. But inside of the classroom, policies and teacher’s own beliefs have changed. “In the past, parent involvement was characterized by volunteers, mostly mothers, assisting in the classroom, chaperoning students, and fundraising.” (NEA Education Policy and Practice Department, 2008) Today, a much more inclusive approach is taken: school-family-community partnerships now include mothers and fathers, stepparents, grandparents, foster parents, other relatives and caregivers, business leaders, and community groups. All that participate are a part of goal-oriented activities, at all grade levels, linked to student achievement and school success.
Family Involvement: Administrative Policy vs. Individual Teachers In most public schools, an administrative family involvement plan is in place. One teacher from North Desoto Middle in Stonewall says, “My school’s policy focuses on technology and prompt conferencing when necessary. This is why I have an up to date website and use the Remind app which sends information to parent’s phones and devices.” (French, 2016) This was also the case for Mrs. Bethea at Delta Magnet Performing Arts School, who stated, “Teachers have to contact parents monthly via telephone using a call log as documentation. Elementary teachers are required to send…

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