Essay about The Pleasure Of Eating By Wendell Berry

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Shopping at a supermarket can be a hassle; there are different kinds of foods everywhere. There are choices from processed foods, diaries, meats, and junk food. Wendell Berry an author focused on educating consumers on how to eat food, writes about seven recommendations in his article “The Pleasure of Eating”. “When ever possible, deal directly with a local farmer, gardener or orchardist”(65). Growing a garden or shopping at a local farmer’s market, is healthy, seasonal, and more convenient. The debate is heavy when it comes to which one is the best option but which one is the best option?
Shopping at supermarket is a hassle because there is so much to choose from. Growing a garden can be healthy and inexpensive but, most importantly it is better then buying foods from a supermarket. Unlike the supermarket, vegetables and fruits grown from a garden are full of nutrition and taste. When growing products in a backyard, those foods can be transferred onto a plate right after. There is no transportation in big diesel trucks, or chemicals being added so it will not rot. Watching a vegetable grow can be a lot of fun, it is right there in the backyard. Planting it, watering it, and letting it grow is time consuming but eliminates having to drive to a supermarket and picking out fruits and vegetables that have been sitting there touched by many hands. Local farmers’ markets can also be a better decision when it comes to eating healthy.
Most shoppers think that the foods they are…

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