The Prevention Of Elderly Abuse Essay

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Elderly Abuse Abuse is a serious crime that happens every day, but little do many realize that there is such a thing called elderly abuse among us. We tend to think that the staff and the elderly patients in the facilities, as we call them residents, wouldn’t create any harmful attacks on a resident that one may love the most. There are multiple types of abuse such as physical, sexual, neglect, financial, and emotional. Any type of these abuses can cause a resident to become depressed and make them spiral down. We need to stop the attack of elderly abuse.
PHYSICAL ABUSE AND SEXUAL ABUSE (skin tears) Physical abuse can come from anybody or anything that can be used as a weapon towards any elderly resident. Leaving them with cuts, discoloration of the skin may lead them to death. There was an abusive attack recently by with resident whom came to me and told a story how they got attacked. The facility I work in moves swiftly to prevent this from happening over and over again. As you can see we can stop this abuse before it happens multiple times, but many don’t even care to report it to the supervisors. Usually after an incident of the crime the facility should always find a way to keep the two people away from each other. If they don’t there may vary well be occurring more frequently. Granted that if the attacker proceeds they will have to immediately discharge the attacker and find them another home for them. There are cases where there are staff members who attack a…

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