Essay about The Problem Of Child Abuse

1102 Words Dec 5th, 2014 null Page
Child abuse is one of the most troubling problems within our society, and the term “abuse” entails so many different horrifying scenarios. Although this problem is on the forefront of every law enforcement agencies agenda, it has long been one that many found hard to confront. However, it is more evident now than ever the amount of attention that the abuse of children demands. In recent times, there have been many instances of child abuse, some of which are almost too horrendous fathom. The most sobering realization is that this crime is one that spans every facet of our society. Abuse is also a problem which is handed down, generation to generation, amongst families. Abusers are not always inherently bad, and they don’t always have specifically malicious intentions. With the many different mental illnesses and life difficulties, it becomes more and more difficult to accuse an offender as just evil to the core, as easy as it may be. Drug and alcohol abuse is a common factor among abusers, and while this is not an excuse for the indefensible actions that are child abuse, it is absolutely not a negligible factor. We must also take into account the reported 42.5 million sufferers of mental illness in our country alone (Bekiempis, 2014). In the last couple of decades, there also seems to have been a rising number of abuse by people in positions of trust such as teachers, coaches, and babysitters being reported to law enforcement. This is incredibly disturbing for the millions of…

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