The Problem Of Elderly Abuse Essay

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Elderly abuse has been going on for decades but one seems to want to talk about. In society people tend not to talk about things that many stir up problems. Since America is a democracy and they also have to first amendment so people are entitled to say what they want because well they are protected. Elderly abuse is a big deal because the people that are being abused is someone grandmother, grandfather, mother, father or friend. It is wrong to abuse anyone but it is especially wrong to abuse elderly people they were the one that paved the way for the generation to come. Elderly abuse is very common but because the elderly person probably can’t speak up for themselves the abuse goes on. Sometimes the abuser is a relative of the elderly person, there is not one that intentional wants to get a family member in trouble with the law. It is against the law to abuse anyone.The purpose of the bill is to stop the abuse on elderly people. The bill seeks to solve the abuse that elderly people go through and no one knows because they don’t have a voice of their own to say that they are getting physically ,mentally or verbally abuse. Rep. Patmon is helping the bill because he is the one that sponsor the bill, people that are supporting the bill and people that believe that abusing the elderly is wrong and people that are harming the bill are people that continue to abuse elderly people be it in a nursing home or even in their own home.
Legislative Fundamentals
The primary sponsor is…

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