The Problem Of Substance Abuse Essay

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Cases of substance abuse are most often looked at individually, looking at the abuser and their problems, however addiction affects the whole family, especially in situations where there are children involved. These children face difficulties from the start often starting with fetal alcohol syndrome or neonatal abstinence syndrome, having to cope with neglect, role reversal, and emotional chaos, with the higher risk that they will become addicted to drugs or alcohol themselves. The parental use of substance abuse in the home has a huge impact on the lives of children and how they develop. One of the many things to look at in these situations is the early relationships that these children make at an early age. Attachment theory helps to better understand the development and the value of relationships that are shared between family members. In most cases when a child has a caretaker who is responsive and nurturing then they will form a secure attachment. However, in situations, like with substance abuse, when the child experiences a caretaker that inconsistent or even altogether unresponsive, then an insecure attachment is likely to form and this often result in the child experiencing anxiety, depression, and a failure to thrive. Attachment theory displays that basically just as you need your immune system to fight diseases and illnesses, you need a healthy attachment for psychological issues and ailments. The kind of attachment that these children face now at a young age…

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