Essay on The Problem With Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a becoming one of the rising issues in our society and has been around for many generations. Child abuse is defined as physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment or neglect of children by parents. It can also be done by guardians or others responsible for the child. This includes physical injuries that can come from inappropriate beatings or harsh discipline on these children. Child abuse is also one of the common forms of rising issues in the United States in today’s time. Child abuse has been happening all over the world to children everywhere for many causes such as past experiences, lifestyles, stress, depression, marital problems, and violence; yet they are usually kept hidden because children are scared to speak on the problem. Child abuse is hurting a child and putting them in danger and there are many things wrong with child abuse. There are many things that people disagree on due to child abuse. The problem with child abuse is that you are not only physically hurting a child but mentally hurting them too. Child abuse is a way that parents or guardians can think they are disciplining their child, but begin to do it too harshly and it becomes abuse. Abuse can occur in many different ways. Abuse can be put in different types. The different types of child abuse include verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. Physical abuse is putting your hands on a child and beating them while leaving harsh marks on the child as previously stated. It can leave bruises,…

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