The Problem With Drinking Is A Big Deal Essay

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As my youth Pastor told me when I told him about my problem with drinking, I need to find a support system. I have to quit lying to myself and saying that I don’t need help and that this is not a big deal. Drinking is a big deal and hard to overcome when faced with an extensive amount of stress but the first step is identifying the cause. On top of the reasons I have listed already, I am experiencing a level of being homesick and distrustful. I feel as if I cannot trust any of the Midshipman completely anymore as they are known for gossiping about each other’s personal lives. For example, if I am struggling with the thought of missing my family and decide to talk to a fellow Midshipman about it, I have no confidence that the battalion won’t know by the end of the week. I hate to say that it is due to the freshman party but before then, I could trust each and every Midshipman I knew. Afterwards, things changed and people started to become more loyal to the unit but with that, we lost our level of confidentiality towards one another on a personal level and that has been the cause of the lack of unit cohesion that has been repetitively brought up. The unit needs to learn as a whole when it is appropriate for something to remain private and when it is appropriate for it to be discussed with others. If not then feelings get bottled up and it becomes too much to handle. The officers do have an open door policy but if I was to come in and talk to one of the LT’s with say a…

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