The Provision Of Student Services Offices Essay

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Prior to reading this novel, I was not aware of the assistance that student services offices could provide for immigrants. Their goal is to retain students by improving their chances to succeed. They encourage all students to drop by, sit down, and have a chat with no barriers. Students are given the privacy and intimate relationship they strive for. Student services offices can show students what they can achieve: “Student services workers found creative ways to provide undocumented students on their campuses with internship opportunities and private scholarships” (Lives of Limbo, 166). I was not aware that immigrants can now be provided with some form of financial aid. These workers also help immigrant students connect more with other faculty members, including tearing apart any barriers that may be present. In this book, Gonzales explains how appalled school officials are when they learn about the opportunities immigrants are being given. This is completely unacceptable because these administrators are setting immigrants up for failure. Teachers need to believe in their students and give everybody a chance. Teachers also need to inform all of their students of future opportunities that will better their school career. Many students are unaware of the advantages they do receive.

I had previously underestimated how gut-wrenching the effects on illegal immigrant’s lives were. The United States practices and policies frame their lives. They crave a normal life, but are…

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