Essay on The Psychological Aspects Of Eating Junk Food

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Now a days, junk food seems to be everywhere. People buy processed, packaged, and fast foods all the time. Even though the consequences of eating such foods have become publicized more and more over the years, people still continue to consume them. On one hand, junk food is easy to get and is advertised all the time. So, it is convenient for the average citizen and cheap, yet it is unhealthy. Even though, junk food is supposed to be eaten in moderation, society has become used to the lifestyle of overconsuming junk food. It remains to question what makes these unhealthy foods so appealing. Even after all the media’s concentration of the consequences of eating junk food and processed dinners, why do Americans still continue to consume these foods? The answer to that question falls in deeper with the psychological aspects of eating junk food.
Many people eat packaged, fast, and junk foods because of the convenience in location and price. From where a McDonald fast food joint is placed in a neighborhood, to where a bag of chips is placed at a store, everything about the location of junk food is planned for the purpose of getting consumers to buy such products. Marion Nestle, a professor at the New York University’s department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health discusses the many ways retailers strategize to persuade consumers to buy junk and processed dinners. According to Nestle there are certain rules that retailers follow to maximize the demand of best-selling…

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