The Rehabilitation Program For Substance Abuse Essay

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Many unique and challenging life experiences have shaped my life and have positively influenced my aspiration to be of service to the community.
At age eighteen I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I was homeless, uneducated, and destitute, but I sought help from an inpatient treatment center. During this time, I was evaluated and diagnosed with a depressive disorder. Due to this diagnosis, I received mental health services in addition to participating in the rehabilitation program for substance abuse. As I progressed through the 6-month program, a medical professional determined I had a progressive form of bilateral hearing loss for which I also received treatment. Meeting these challenges gave me a sense of purpose and clear vocational direction for my life. The last 20 years I have spent working with others facing equally daunting life challenges. I have found great satisfaction in seeing how my personal experience, as well as my talents and interests, have proven to be assets in helping others. My successes with navigating these challenges as a recovering addict serve as a positive role model and help me to facilitate communication with others who are struggling. I believe I can-- and desire to--apply this knowledge and experience as a peer support specialist.
I am drawn to the social service sector or more specifically, this position because of the wide range of opportunities it encompasses. It is a profession rooted in dignity, respect, compassion and person-centered…

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