The Relationship Between Dietary Habits And The Development Of Diseases

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Making information about food widely available would pose a threat to food and pharmaceutical industries. Even vital information seems to be avoided. As a matter of fact, several studies have shown the relationship between dietary habits and the development of diseases. In the book The China Study, T. Colin Campbell explains how changing our diet can be the key to vanquish serious illnesses such as cancer. His studies show that regions where the consumption of animal based food were low or almost inexistent, the levels of cancer and heart diseases were also very low when compared to regions where meat and dairy products were the main source of nourishment (139). In addition, a Harvard study showed that there 's a strong connection between milk consumption and cancer development because the milk we consume today is filled with too much preservatives and added chemicals ("Calcium and Milk"). Having so many evidences that food have such interference in our health, nothing would make more sense than to see authorities and health organizations fighting to deliver this information to everyone. However, letting food be thy medicine as Hippocrates said, isn 't in the interest of the food and pharmaceutical industry. "Even cancer organizations [...] are reluctant to discuss or even believe this evidence" (Campbell 157). In a society that survives under prescribed drugs and sees surgery as the most effective alternative for many diseases, acceptance of food as a source of long-life…

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