The Relationship Between Study Habits and Academic Performance of It Students

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The relationship between study habits and academic performance of IT students
A Research Proposal
Presented to the Faculty of
Humanities, Social Sciences & Communications Department
Far Eastern University – East Asia College

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Subject ENGL303
Educational Research
Buen, Nica Chrizza N.E.
Cruz, Yves Justin C.
Diocareza, Darwin Joseph V.
Marquez, Samwell Kervy A.
Masbate, Kristine Gay A.
September 5, 2012

ABSTRACT This research highlights the relationship between the study habits and the academic performance of second year IT students. A habit is defined as a planned schedule done regularly, while to study is to gain knowledge. Therefore, study habits are done
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Someday education will be the only one they have in hand in order to become a successful person. It will be their weapon to overcome those obstacles they might encounter along the journey of their lives. In order to acquire better education, students should focus on studying no matter how hard it is. There are times that they might find difficulties, but there is always ways to surpass those trials. Good study habits play a vital role in the development of the students’ education. It can help them in studying a lot. It is a strategy on how the students acquire knowledge effectively. Establishing study habits are one of the determining factors for attaining passing grades. It refers to the schedule, plan, and the timeframe where studying is done in order to attain good academic performance. Students are always directed to the fact that poor study habits will lead to miserable scores, and good study habits will result to excellent marks. Grades are also a determining aspect of knowing student’s academic performance, which means the attained knowledge over a certain period of time. Therefore, proper study habits lead to good academic understanding and having good grades, otherwise leads to bad academic understanding and having bad grades. But always keep in mind that a student’s study habit is not the only factor

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