`` The Seven Habits Of An Effective Government `` Essay example

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Jeffrey Sachs spends a great deal of the book explaining the causes of the great recession. He discusses government policy decisions and relationships with outside interests which he feels started in the 1970s and when exacerbated by the rise of Reagan in the 1980s and continued by Clinton in the 1990s, all these events lead to the current situation we are in.
Sachs tin chapter 12 makes his argument for correcting the ills of our government system. He calls this chapter “The Seven Habits of an Effective Government” where he lays out seven major reforms necessary to create an effective government which he feels will lead to more economic fairness. He calls for the government setting clear goals, mobilizing expertise, make multi year plans, being mindful of the far future, ending the corporatocracy, restore public management and decentralization of the government.
Some of his solutions do seem plausible and can be effective in leading to a more successful government. For example Sachs wants the government to set effective goals. He suggests doing this by setting economic goals that are reviewed annually. I like his suggestion of using the state of the union as a progress report for these goals. I feel this would give that traditional speech that literally seems like a laundry list of party platform ideas and actual purpose. He also addresses the need to cut outside influence on determining policy decisions, in hopes of having elected officials who cater towards the…

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