Essay about The Silent Film, The Crowd, By King Vidor

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The silent film, The Crowd, produced in 1928 by King Vidor is truly an American classic. This film takes place mainly during the 1920’s featuring the main character John Sims who since childhood always thought he was going to become someone important. However, he never really truly achieves that dream. This film showcases the struggles John and his family went through in search of that dream. King Vidor incorporates various film techniques from Cinematography and characteristics from Classical Hollywood Cinema to develop The Crowd.

Cinematography is widely used throughout various scenes in The Crowd. More specifically, Vidor uses tracking shots to develop the film. Vidor captures rare camera angles throughout New York City such as moving views from skyscrapers to views of people strolling through the streets to moving traffic to a shot of the camera traveling up the skyscraper and into an office. These camera shots represent the crowds of people and fast pace city life surrounding John Sims in making a name for himself. When going from shot to shot, Vidor incorporates editing as the images dissolve into one another. Dissolve is also used when transitioning scenes. Towards the end of the movie when Mary decides she cannot abandon John, the camera shoots a close up of them together in their home and then dissolves into a shot of John and Mary at the movie theater-watching clowns on stage with Mary’s two brothers and son. John proudly see’s his winning slogan “Sleight O’…

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