Essay on The Skills And Knowledge Of University Students

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The skills and knowledge of university students in the computer science program will help determine how far computer science will go in the future. The article “CS Education in the U.S.: Heading in the wrong Direction “looks on how American universities are teaching Computer Science program and how the applications used to teach those students affect how skilled a person will be in the computer science work field. Robert Dewar, a professor emeritus of computer science, think that schools are making the computer science program too easy for the students by using applications that automatically compute the basic of computer science for the students and therefore undergraduate student with a computer science degree is lacking basic computer science skills to be a competition for other students outside of America. On the other hand, Owen Astrachan, professor of the practice of computer science, argues the fact that the application that universities use to teach the students does not affect the potential of that students’ knowledge and skills of computer science, he also notices students that are enrolled computer science courses as a base for other programs. Furthermore, the education of computer science students is an important aspect of how much the computer science field will improve in the future, so finding the best method to teach the students about the basic principle of computer science and software engineering is the real challenge. Robert Dewar argument about the…

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