Essay The Sleeping Habits Among University Student

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I. Introduction The amount of sleep is important for one’s mental and physical health, for cognitive restitution, processing and memory consolidation. In order to stay healthy, a person requires 7-8 hours of sleeping in adult age. One study reported the college students are among the most sleep-deprived age group. Sleep deprivation can have detrimental effects on daily performance, including academics and driving, and it has been linked to depressed mood and behavioural problems. The similar researches have been conducted on inadequate amount of sleep are important in order to improve better cognitive performance and avoid health problems. Academic performance is one of major goals of university students. Various researches have been …show more content…
Overall, most of FSP students sleep at the right time 12:00AM that was the right time for sleeping.

Q2. Are you facing sleeping problems?

From the data collected, it shown that there were 38% of AIU student faced sleeping problems. It surprised that number of female student faced this problem was more than male student. The study found that 22% out of 38% of female students faced sleeping problems and 37% of male students were not faced sleeping problems, only 16% of them faced sleeping problems, it clearly displayed the positive result 62% of AIU students were not faced sleeping problems. a. more than 8 hours b. 6-7 hours c. 4-5 hours d. less than 4 hours e. more than 8 hours f. 6-7 hours g. 4-5 hours h. less than 4 hours
Q3. How many hours do you sleep per day?

From Q3, it represented the amount of sleep of students in AIU. Overall, most students sleep around 6-7 hours per day, it was 59% of students. There were 31% of student sleep 4-5 hours per day and number of students sleepless was 4%. The same, there was little number of students sleep more than 8 hours (6%). Variable | Frequency | Percentage | Assignments | 17 | 53.13% | Internet Surfing | 1 | 3.31% | Disturbance from roommates | 3 | 9.38% | Different time or weather | 2 | 6.25% | Many than one reasons | 6 | 18.75% | Others | 3 | 9.38% |
Q4. Reasons why student sleep late

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