The Stony Brook Pa Program Essay

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Please answer each of the following questions 250 words or less:

1. What three attributes of the Stony Brook PA program most influenced you to apply to our program and why?

Many elements of the Stony Brook PA program influenced my decision to apply to this program. The stated mission of the Stony Brook PA program reflects my personal approach to health care. At Stony Brook, there is an emphasis an on a “comprehensive patient-centered medical care”, rather than simply relying on a one-size-fits all approach. This corresponds to both my own orientation and my experience. In my different volunteer experiences, I have seen all different types of patients, and have seen how different approaches work for different patients. The program also has an exceptional record of professional leadership and community service. I am interested in a program that will help transform health care in the US through deep and embedded interactions with the community it serves and with the medical profession at large. Finally, Stony Brook provides an exceptional education at an affordable cost, something that will allow me to graduate prepared to take a job that will allow me to immediately give back to the community without worrying about paying back large amounts of educational loans. (177)

2. Other than becoming a competent medical provider, discuss two other skills that you hope to learn as a student in the Stony Brook PA program?
In order to be the type of PA that I aspire to be, being a…

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