The Students And Their Lives Essay example

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Throughout the years, there has been many issues with the students and their lives. Around 2 years ago, a student went up to a person and started to explain to the person why he wasn 't going to graduate. To begin with, the person didn’t know what he was talking about until he asked him and started talking to him. He explained that he didn 't want to finish high school nor go to college because he didn 't have anyone to make them happy or feel that he accomplished something for someone. This made many people realize that there are students that don’t have the support of anyone to keep them motivated into succeeding. The district at times also doesn 't help the students in their needs and that what makes these students become very pessimistic on their future. These students, if they don’t have the support of someone, should go up to someone and tell them their situation so that they know they at least have the support of that person. Having someone push students to their limits is important in order for someone to succeed. Many students don 't succeed because they feel like they don’t have any type of motivation to keep moving forward, and that 's what people should give them, motivation. If these learners don 't have any type of motivation than their most likely not going to want to succeed. Anaheim students need a motivation in life so that they know what they 're doing is going to pay off in the future. In order for Anaheim students to succeed they need their parental…

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