The Term At Risk Students Essay examples

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The term at-risk student is used to describe students who is "at risk" of failing academically, for one or more of these several reasons. The term can be used to describe a wide variety of students, including ones who belong to ethnic minorities, those who are academically disadvantaged, those who are disabled, students who are characterized by low socioeconomic status, and students on a probationary status.
The term “at-risk” came into the picture in 1983 article "A Nation at Risk", published by the National Commission on Excellence in Education. This article labeled United States society as being economically and socially endangered. Students who are labeled as the ‘at risk” student, are officially or unofficially are put under the umbrella of being academically endanger, or academically failing. The National Center for Education Statistics lists the factors that can possibly lead to an “at-risk” label for students and they are: low socioeconomic status, living in a single-parent home, changing schools at non-traditional times, below-average grades in middle school, being held back in school through grade retention, having older siblings who left high school before completion, negative peer pressure. It is very important to identify the students who are at risk student as soon as possible and take action right away. Once a student has been recognized, that is when the improvements and action can be taken to help the student improve. Some examples of remediation contain…

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