Essay about The Unhealthy Habits Of My Life

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Through the process of completing the individual logs of the Finding Meaning Joy and Happiness project I was able to look at myself through new eyes. Without the different logs that dealt with subjects such as exercise, healthy traits, and communication, I would not have noticed several aspects of my life which I never think about. Some examples would be the unhealthy habits that I’ve picked up and thinking about ways in which to exchange those habits for healthier ones and also finding coping strategies that are most effective for me when I am anxious or stressed about something in my life. The different aspects that we had to look at for this project definitely helped in aiding me to find ways to make my life better and more fulfilling. All these logs were beneficial because they allowed me to find out weak and strong points within each of the areas. I can also know take the knowledge gained from each area and incorporate them into my life into how I am as a student, an employee, and also my relationship with the ones both present and in the future.
Out of all the activities that we were supposed to do, the two that I found the most interesting or helpful were the eating journal and the fitness journal. The reason I chose the eating journal was because whenever I eat I normally don’t think about what I am eating that day, I just choose whatever sounds good at the time or whatever is available to me. This segment made me think about both what I was going to eat and…

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