Essay about The University Of Wisconsin Green Bay Is My Dream School

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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is my dream school. My most favorite parts about the university is the 21:1 student- faculty ratio, the beautiful location near the water, and the fact that my major of social work is offered there. Every piece of mail I get sent by UWGB I read so I can continue learning more about the school I hope to attend. Both of my real parents never went to college, neither did my brothers, so I will be the first. After reading that 58% of students are the first in their family to attend college made me feel so much better about my case. My parents are separated but I live with my mom and step-father. My two older brothers that do not always behave, but boys will be boys. My past with my father has not always been the best due to his drinking problems. I learned to overcome harsh comments and live my life the best that I could. As we aged, my father decided it was time to change for the better. He has now been two years sober and we connect more than we ever did before. I recently adopted a German Shepherd Mix from our local humane society and she has been such a great addition to the family. My long-term boyfriend and I are solely responsible for taking care of her and paying for her needs. My family members, however love to spoil her! I have always loved to volunteer and help others in any way that I can. I strive to do the best that I can in school and in my day to day life.
As said earlier, I love to volunteer. Ever since I was younger I have…

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