The Victims Of Sexual Abuse Essay

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More often than not, disclosing the truth about their traumatizing experiences can be just as damaging as the sexual abuse itself. Victims of sexual abuse are afraid of the consequences that may arise once the truth of the abuse has been revealed. This fear is what causes them to refuse help from professionals, professionals that are trained specifically to help with this type of abuse. They are afraid that once they feel comfortable enough to admit the truth, the reactions would be of humiliation and disbelief. “A disclosure that is met with a dismissive, disbelieving, nonsupportive, [sic] hostile, or nonprotective [sic] response can be traumatic in itself and lead to long-term mental health symptoms” (O’Leary, Coohey, and Easton 277) If a victim is met with this type of reaction then they are reluctant to share their abuse with others. Again, leaving the victim feeling alone against the battle of saving his or her sanity. This leads them hesitant to receive the professional help that they need. They think they are guarding themselves from further pain, when in reality they are only cheating themselves out of freedom. Evelyn Tong and Mark Gillespie wrote an article in the British Journal of Nursing explaining how each cases is unique because of the abuse and the victim. “However, childhood sexual abuse can also have lasting, serious and wide-ranging effects survivors are often overloaded with shame and humiliation, and lacking in self-confidence. Every survivor is…

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