The World Of Orphan Abuse Essay example

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Despite all the obvious problems, there are cases all over the world of orphan abuse, but the most infamous orphanages are from Romania. Beginning in the late 1960’s, under the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu, was when Romania passed laws to encourage women to have at least five children to “enhance economic productivity” (Charles A. Nelson, Nathan A. Fox, Charles H. Zeanah). To add to the problem, Romania outlawed contraception and abortion, so sick and unwanted babies were abandoned in large, understaffed institutions (Laura Blue). Children went without adequate beds, clothes, bathroom facilities or adult supervision (Laura Blue). By the end of the Ceausescu regime, in the last days of 1989, there were more than 170,000 children living in the institutions (Charles A. Nelson, Nathan A. Fox, Charles H. Zeanah). Despite Romania’s effort to try and right their wrongs, children are put into overcrowded government-run institutions where they are being left unfed, smeared in their own feces, chained to their cribs, and drugged so they could stay quiet (Craig S. Smith).
The atrocities don’t end in Romania. Accounts of horrible abuse stories in an Australian orphanage known as Neerkol St. Joseph’s orphanage near Rockhampton range from children having to drink their own urine for hydration, licking their own vomit, to getting whipped with horse whips if the children tried to escape (Louise Cheer). There have been specific instances of children, even nurses who worked there that they have…

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