Theory And The Elder Abuse Essay

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Theory and the Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes Phenomenon
There is no agreed upon or standard conception of what a theory is. As a result, there are different views of what a theory is and there is a variety of types of theories. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to discuss the nature and types of theory, compare and contrast at least three views of what constitutes a theory, the relationship between theory and research, and to discuss a theory directly related to quality of care in nursing homes.
Literature Review
The study conducted by Anetzberger (2012) analyzed a variety of studies pertaining to elder abuse since 2000. In addition, the author suggested how the findings of these studies impacted the understanding of the elder abuse phenomena. The study method was the qualitative method and the data collection instrument was analyzing and/or comparing literature. The study participants were selected important elder abuse studies since 2000. The study findings showed that the knowledge of elder abuse is expanding but there is more to learn. The study findings are limited to the selected articles that the author chose to review other the twelve year period.
The authors Berwick and Fox (2016) evaluated the classic article written by Donabedian to evaluate the quality of medical care. The study was a literature review on Donabedian’s published articles of quality of health care and his conceptual framework. The study findings showed the conceptual…

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