Too Skinny, Too Fat, Not Eating Enough Essay

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Too skinny, too fat, not eating enough, eating too much, not exercising enough, exercising too much, judging others, not judging others, makeup, no makeup, fit the size, don’t fit the size, these are all aspects that can come about to create a toxic environment. These days people are more concerned with how they look and how others perceive them then we ever were before. People all over the world have this “ideal” thought of others. Radios, television, magazines, books, newspapers, advertising, and fashion industries all give this picture of what the “ideal” person should look like. However, the image that is produced is an unattainable look for both men and women. These industries distrot their models bodies to match this look, which is causing people to become self conscious about themselves and others who they may judge.
Having said all of this, grocery stores and food industries seem to be going against this look by providing high-calorie food at a very low price for people, and making healthier options more pricey and few and far between. This is exactly the issue at hand when people discuss our toxic environment. With our world becoming ever so busy and stressed, our producers have come up with fast food chains to make food options easy and fast. Except, they are very rarely offering healthy options to the public. The public 's food options are usually grease, grease, and more grease, with the occasional salad or fruit.
To prove all of this information above, I spent…

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