Essay on Tutorial One : Introduction Of Substance Dependence

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Tutorial One: Introduction to Substance Dependence Substance dependence, or the recurrent use of drugs or alcohol causing dysfunction (NIAAA, 2013), was the focus of the first tutorial. An article written by Robbins (1993) was explored, detailing the findings and implications of a study based upon the significantly high rate of use and short duration of heroin addiction (and readdiction) observed in a sample of Vietnam veterans. The results revealed that a history of deviant behaviour and drug use prior to serving in Vietnam was a strong predictor of the initiation of narcotic abuse. In contrast to civilians, veteran addiction rarely continued once the men returned from Vietnam, which raised questions about the culpability of heroin. Of the veterans that maintained their use once returning to the US, most were abusing multiple drugs, which would suggest other issues were present. The author concluded that variety of drugs, rather than type, was a better predictor of undesirable behavioural consequences. During the class discussion, students were presented with three controversial statements regarding drug use, and asked to share their beliefs publicly by voting either ‘agree’, ‘neutral’, or ‘disagree’. The three statements included attitudes to cannabis laws, the non-medical use of substances, and drug use during pregnancy. Each statement provoked a range of different responses, and despite debate, the class remained divided in their beliefs. During this tutorial, I…

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