Understanding A Student With A Learning Disability Essay

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Understanding a student who has a learning disability can be difficult for some. IDEA makes it possible for students with disabilities to be included in general education classrooms. If a student with a learning disability is in a general education setting with a teacher who has never taught a student with a learning disability the teacher may have to alter their teaching strategies. If a teacher fails to realize a student is expressing signs of a learning disability the student may suffer with their education. There are a variety of ways a general education teacher can assist a student with a learning disability in the class. Throughout this paper I will be discussing different ways a general education teacher can academically assist a student with a learning disability.
General education teachers are prepared for teaching a class as a whole. But, every student learns differently so, one way a teacher can adjust their lesson plans to meet a student’s needs that has a disability is to give more specific and direct instructions within a developed frame work. An example might be; Alice is struggling in her history class which she thought she would love. While she is preparing for her history test she is having trouble reading and comprehending the reading material. She starts to get very frustrated. Now that its test time Alice struggles to read and answer the questions. Once the teacher reviews her test he comes to the conclusion she might need help and has her stay after…

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