Unfair Treatment Of Students And Staff Essay

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Unfair treatment of students and staff by the Board of Education
Ryan Hicks

Senior Project Research Paper English 12-3rd | Civics-4th Period
March 17, 2016 Many Students and Staff that attend schools, under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education have many issues that need to be dealt with; Issues that occur across all 50 states within the Education system, such as Neglecting educators the ability to express an honest opinion, and allow them to have a voice in which they should be able to help improve the student to teacher outlook, where there would be a more in-depth respect mutually and offer a better experience for both parties. Many do not voice their full opinion to the public, but everyone has their own opinion on the issue; some wish to share their thoughts on this topic and let the world hear what most do not, the unseen issues that deal with negligence, the other side of student absences, and what it is to support a school system. Many in the modern setting normally just stroll throughout their lives and deal with everyday issues that appear whether it is in a professional setting, or within their lives; There is an underlying issue that may affect millions of students of teachers in the United States public education systems, the misuse of the American…

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