Essay on Unique And Distinctive Aspects Of My Life

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Unique and distinctive aspects of my life. Since the time I graduated from high school, I have attained over 10 years of professional work experience. At the age of 18, I left home to serve in the United States Marine Corps. During this time, I lived in a world centered on personal discipline and mission accomplishment. I have experienced high stress situations of that tested and pushed my abilities. During those times, the keystones of disciple and mission accomplishment guided my success. I feel privileged to have worked for people who set outstanding examples of leadership that I aim to emulate. These aspects of the military lifestyle did not leave me at the end of my service. They became a foundation on which I molded my professional ambitions. Currently I work as a skydiving instructor. This occupation allows me to exercise my abilities in critical decision-making, as well as working in high stress situations. It has also elevated my confidence in many ways. Through both these past and present experiences, I have built mental perseverance that will continue to shape my future. My life and career passions. From a young age, I have always been interested in being outdoors. As a child, I grew up exploring the Texas wilderness with my family and playing in the bayous with my friends. As an adult my passion for adventure continues. I still love to be outside, and I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. I believe that part of me having a fulling life is due to…

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