Essay Water Is The Most Common Substance

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Water is the most common substance in nature. It is everywhere. From space, our Earth appears blue because water takes up to two-thirds of the planet’s surface. It is one of the most important and irreplaceable resources of the world. Sometimes humans do not even realize the importance of water in their lives. Each one of us consumes daily an average of about 300 liters of water. And what we do with it? How much water can we drink per day? How much we use for cooking and hygiene? These all combine we definitely do not use 300 liters. Then what happened to the rest of the water? It is just gone because of human neglect. Because, people think water is granted to us forever. For this reason, we do not and we cannot imagine what kind of place will our world turn to if suddenly the water disappears? In an instant, our planet would turn into a lifeless desert. Without the water humans, plants and animals would not exist. Humans must conserve the water to protect the life and health, beauty and richness of the natural environment. Today, the clean water is available to us at any moment, simply it is flowing out of the tap in our houses. We can make coffee, take a bath, wash our closes whenever we want. Perhaps because of these conveniences we do not fully aware of its value. We do not consider wasting the water as our personal problem. People always blame others for it. Humans are not used to save the water. We do not want to get out of our comfort zones and turn the water off…

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