We Must Spend Their Own Personal Time Essay

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Lounge Detail

There are many situations that one can encounter where doing extra amounts of work, volunteering to stay longer, or charity work will go unrecognized. Many of these experiences generally go unrewarded which make an individual question why. Questioning why they spent their own personal time to do extra. If one does not see the fruits of their work despite putting in extra amounts of effort, their motivation decreases resulting in a feeling of emptiness. Though many may not realize it, sometimes doing more work than necessary is recognized not by the person you may intend but by those who are around. Although the rewards of such acts may not be immediately rewarded, there are much greater rewards in the long run.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the Army ROTC here on campus conducts PT or physical training which is a group exercise. It generally runs from 0615 to about 0745, with “chores” that follow. Tasks such as flag detail and lounge detail are carried out which can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Flag detail is when a small sized group raises the flag and lounge detail is a group that cleans the lounge after PT. In ROTC everyone is split in half, into two different platoons or groups and each platoon is assigned a task and the rotation switches weekly. After PT everyone who is not on lounge gets all their things and leaves so they are not in the way of cleaning. During this time it can get very chaotic, people shifting…

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