Essay about Week 5- Final Film Critique

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Week 5 – Final Film Critique
Byron Phillips
ENG 225 Introduction to Film
Instructor Hayes
11 May 2015

There’s no doubt that Star Wars is one of the most impactful films of all time, having changed the movie-making game ever since it premiered in 1977. It quickly became a global phenomenon and has accumulated some of the most passionate fans in the universe. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope is a great example to use in order to illustrate the properties discussed throughout the course. In this paper, I will analyze the entire movie. To begin, I will start by giving some basic information about the motion picture, such as the director and type of film. Next, I will provide a brief summary of the film.
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The awe of watching that Star Destroyer slowly move into the frame during the opening scene. Mesmerized by the lightsabers. Star Wars truly made you feel as if you were entering a different universe altogether. The director and crew had created an engrossing movie environment that completely sucked you in. The attention to detail bordered on the insane. Life-forms that you saw, literally for two seconds, ended up having names and extensive backstories. It was easy to get lost in the world of Star Wars due to its sheer scope. The iconic opening music. Blasters, while they may be a little on the loud side, fill the air with whizzing beams of light which explode with tenacious ferocity. Lightsabers clash together to form a low-end thump that sounds great every time. Ships and speeders cruise from one end of the frame to the other. the stomping thuds of approaching AT-ATs or the thunderous soaring of the Empire's Destroyers.
MP 4. – Social/Personal Impact – In this area, you will critically address the following questions: o What impact did this film have on society (i.e., politically or culturally, positive or negative)? The impact can

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