What Makes A Leader? Essay

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“Leaders lead and really do what other people do because that group of non-leaders comprises the majority.” As a leader, you take initiative to do what is right, manage your workload in resources, and support others to work cooperatively in a team. You might ask what is a leader? A leader it is a person who leads or commands a group, organization,or country. Leaders come forth on any kind of situation,and which day I needed. There are all different types of leadership but the one I want to talk about is situational leadership. Someone asked me “ is there one best leadership style.” No there is not one best style. Leaders must adjust their leashes style to the situation as well as to people being lead. The key concept to this is that every situation is different, so is situation needs a specific, unique leader.For a person to be a great leader, it not necessarily to assume to be bossy. Which is typical for people to stereotype.

The main part of being a leader is based on listening, and communication. Listening to others, as well as understanding others is essential. If you don 't have communication or listening skills how are you going to want anything effectively. Leadership is all about people, people in, people communicating developing relationships, and people working to improve society. Situational leadership is how I can caramelized my leadership style. The qualities that help me be a situational leader is “ listening”,…

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