Essay about Who Is Responsible For Unhealthy Eating

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Who Is Truly to Blame for Unhealthy Eating
Throughout America, the number of fast food restaurants is rapidly increasing. What is this doing to children and adults around the country? The number of children and adults with obesity has drastically increased. According to author David Zinczenko, “Before 1994, diabetes in children was generally caused by a genetic disorder--- only about 5 percent of childhood cases were obesity-related, or Type 2, diabetes. Today, according to the National Institutes of Health, Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30 percent of all new childhood cases of diabetes in this country.” (Zinczenko 463). But how are people supposed to eat healthy and make healthier choices? If you go out to eat, it’s hard to find something truly healthy and cheap to eat. Going to the grocery store and buying organic food can really add up, but buying some snacks and unhealthy foods is a cheaper way to go. So, what is the solution to this problem?
David Freedman, author of “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” went to multiple restaurants and grocery stores in search of a healthy and affordable meal. When he went to some Cafés and restaurants that served healthy smoothies and meals. Freedman said the smoothie he bought was very tasty, but it took a while for the waitress to make and cost nine dollars. While some people can afford to take themselves or their families to the healthy restaurants and pay more for their food, many cannot. Freedman did find a healthy and…

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