Why I Choose Social Work Essay

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Why I choose social work: Growing up I have always had a passion for helping others, although it was never clear what my career field would be. I debated on many different career opportunities from becoming a nurse, working in human resources, and everything in between. Unclear of my future career path, after high school, I began college at the University of South Carolina Sumter majoring in Early Childhood Education. Never fully devoted to becoming a teacher, I shortly ended my college career, giving myself time to discover who it was I wanted to become. It was not until I turned 21, that I realized I was destined to become a social worker. Finally reaching a decision, I credit my selection of becoming a social worker on past experiences. Growing up, and looking back, I have had a couple of encounters with social workers in my past. The first being appointed a guardian ad litem and a case worker after law enforcement was called when my mother and sister were caught fist fighting in the front yard before school one morning. At the age of twelve, I was extremely scared with what I had witnessed, and even more scared when strange individuals started questioning me about my personal life and relationship with my mother. In conclusion to this particular situation, my sister was sent to live with my father and I was left to remain living with my mother. The second incident that involved social workers entering my life again, was when my sister decided to abandon her…

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