Why I Should Study Medicine Essay

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The ever-evolving nature of medical science and the certainty that we will know more about the many different healthcare practices has inspired me to pursue a career in Medicine.
The idea of a career that would exploit my humanity and problem-solving abilities always made medicine a natural choice.
Choosing a career in medicine has been the result of my experiences of this field as a healthcare user, volunteering worker and a Biomedical Sciences student. To be concerned about an individual’s wellbeing naturally requires compassion and it is this quality coupled with scientific curiosity that attracts me to this dynamic profession. While studying BSc Biomedical Science, my thirst for "medical understanding" has only grown. I became fascinated with the sheer complexity of the human body, its aptness to go wrong and the application of science and technology to remedy it is the chief reason why I have chosen to study medicine. Embarking a career in medicine will provide me with the life-long personal and intellectual challenges that I am seeking whilst allowing me to use my analytical, scientific and communication skills developed in my current caring role and previous degree.

Studying a Biomedical Sciences degree has allowed me to gain an in depth understanding of the diverse mechanisms that underlie the function of the human body. My particular interest lies in neuroscience as it focuses on the brain and the nervous system, whilst drawing on the…

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