Essay on Why Students Should Attend School

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Purpose of Schooling: Students should attend school because it is very important for the youngest generation to get a good education. They will soon be taking care of the government and much more. The purpose schooling serves in children’s life is that it get the students involved with other children so that they have friends and do not develop bad habits. What this means for society is that since the kids will soon be running the country, they have to be well educated. This is why students should attend school.

Curriculum: Curriculum means what has to be taught throughout the year. When I hear the word curriculum, I think about lesson plans that are taught throughout the year. The true definition of Curriculum is “The school experiences, both planned and unplanned, that enhance the education and growth of students” (Parkway). The purpose of curriculum in schools is to teach the children what they need to be taught for upcoming test. Curriculum helps teachers because it lets them know what needs to be taught to the children. It helps students because it lets them know what will be on the test later on in the year. This also helps involved parents, assistants, and administration because it allows them to know what is going on in order to encourage students to do their very best. It is necessary that teachers follow the curriculum because if they do not follow it, the children will not be prepared later on when the state test are deployed.

Instructional Methods: Some…

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