Why You Should Be Eating Organically Essay

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Three Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Organically
Have you ever been at your local grocery store and have had to choose between a lower priced product and a considerably more expensive product labeled “organic”? The product may have ranged from a meat to a produce, but whatever the product was, chances are that you went with the lower priced item just to save a couple of dollars. What if you were aware that the higher priced product is actually the better option of the two? Spending that little extra money for that organic product is worth every penny once you are aware of all the benefits that come with organic products. Thus, you should be incorporating organic food into your diet because organic food is better for your body, helps keep our environment clean, and actually tastes better.
Organic food is better for your body for two reasons: organic food contains no Genetically Mutated Organisms (GMOs) and substantially more antioxidants than conventional foods. GMOs are defined in the dictionary as being an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering. Simply put, GMOs are organisms that do not occur naturally in nature. In fact, GMOs are banned in sixty countries all over the world and these countries have strict laws that ban the production and sale of GMOs. However, Chris Woolston, a Health and Medical writer, wrote an article in Reader’s Digest stating that there has not yet been found a health-threatening reason…

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