Working With Addictive Behaviors : Learning Outcome 1 Essay

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Working With Addictive Behaviours – Learning Outcome 1
This Essay will be an investigation of 3 current organisational services for addiction, in Ayrshire. For each of these organisations I will investigate the roles of Rehabilitation, Support and Preventative Services. I will then compare and contrast the current approaches used by each of these organisations in their treatment of addiction.
Abbeycare Foundation
Brownhill House
KA24 4JB

Abbeycare Foundation are a private sector residential rehabilitation provider for people addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Abbeycare promote abstinence based recovery.

The roles of Rehabilitation, Support and Preventative Services in Abbeycare
• Rehabilitation: Abbeycare Foundation provide a range of therapies, including Group Counselling, Person Centred Counselling, CBT, Detox, Spiritual and Alternative therapies.
• Support: Abbeycare Foundation offer aftercare groups for ex clients to give them a chance to get together and talk as a group, and share experiences and offer support to each other as they continue their recovery. Abbeycare also hosts a closed meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.
• Preventative: Abbeycare Foundation aftercare groups are a preventative measure to encourage people not to relapse.

Abbeycare Foundation will accept referrals from anyone, including medical professionals as well as self-referrals.

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