Working With High School Students Essay

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Introduction Although I will not be working with high school aged students in my teaching career, that I know of so far, I can’t say that I won’t be working with non-English speaking students in the near future. The students that I worked with at the Steps to College program on the UNG Gainesville campus were a prime example of working with students that didn’t necessarily have English as their first language. The summer program was focused on one class credit that the student chooses to take to count for their credit next school year and to have a more personal experience with what they are learning. The whole point of these summer classes is to learn the material and take an exam that counts as their grade for the class and the credit for the course. These students understood our grading system and that once the exam was over they could forget all that they learned the next day if they wanted to.

Steps to College: UNG Gainesville Campus

The Steps to College program was provided by Dr. Moody but the individual classes were taught by separate teachers that also taught during the school year in that particular subject. I was placed in the Civics class with Mr. Wisecup with a group of nine students that ranged from ninth grade to eleventh grade. These students were all current English speakers with barely any noticeable accents but they were eligible for the program because they were in an ESOL course at one time in their school career. The students ethnicities…

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