Young Girls And Women Are Affected By Eating Disorders Worldwide

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Many young girls and women are affected by eating disorders worldwide. They either starve themselves to look like the models and celebrities they see on television or binge eat right before they make themselves throw up to rid all the food. Many people have different opinions and beliefs on how eating disorders develop. Some individuals believe that biological factors play a role in contributing to this horrible disease. Society influences young females to feel pressured to live up to the ideal body image that is portrayed throughout the media and their social setting. Society plays a key role in bringing about these pressures. In today’s society, physical appearance determines a woman’s beauty and that includes the size of her body. Young girls and women have become so preoccupied with achieving the perfect body image that they have forgotten how to be happy and love themselves disregarding their physical appearance. Eating disorders should be considered socioculturally developed instead of being looked at as being contributed by biological factors. Biological factors should not be considered a reason for the contribution and development of eating disorders. I began looking for evidence by using Google Scholar. I came across an article called “A Genetic Link to Anorexia” by Tori DeAngellis. Her article talks about how research studies have found that eating disorders have been linked to chromosome one and there are many similarities between them two.…

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