Youth Substance Abuse At Savannah Essays

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Youth Substance Abuse

Savannah was ten when she first started using.Both of her parents were active addicts.It was her mom who first got her into it.Savanhans mom acted more as a teenager and a friend rather then a mother,she gave her pills for the first time. Savannah was living with her back then and started using constantly,taking a lot of pills,smoking weed,and drinking a lot.Pills were her main substance:percocet,vicodin,a lot of downers. Savanah not only struggled from depression but she also struggled from her parents physical and verbal abuse,so then she started abusing herself with drugs.Substance abuse is a primary factor in the behavior of many youths, leading to both health and social problems; drug abuse limits an individual’s ability to reach his or her full potential, and to significantly reduce this problem, action needs to be taken before adolescents are even introduced to drugs.
A substance abuse policy exist in 68.8% of the countries of the world, covering a population of 77.1%.Almost 30% of the countries in the region of the Americas do not have a substance abuse policy even though they have the highest of both alcohol and drug related disorders(World Health).A substance abuse policy is to facilitate the planning and improvements for the management of people suffering from substance abuse disorders. “The most promising route to effective strategies for the prevention of adolescent alcohol and other drug problems is through a risk-focused approach”.(…

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