A lifetime of student debt Essay

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A Lifetime of Student Debt? Not Likely.

Robin Wilson had quite a compelling article, showing the potential contrast with the debt vs. the quality of life and stability a degree can provide. Wilson overall points show that the American dream we are all striving for has changed. She is able to demonstrate this through the use of several anecdotes. Wilson interviews with various professionals to see how they use these degrees to better themselves. In doing so she highlights various pros and cons of having a college education vs. the amount of debt they are now responsible for.

Robin Wilson was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, on May 22, 2009. Wilson provides several anecdotes to people in different field, and shows how
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In another interview with Darla M. Horn had $80,000 in student loan debt while landing a $100,000/year job the payment where no big deal. presenting an art show too up a bunch of time so she placed her loans in forbearance while in-between jobs she was trying to raise awareness “of the growing burden of student-loan debt in an ever-tighting, ever-globalizing economy” In an article written by Applebaum, Robert "Forgiving Student Loans Will Improve the US Economy" What Is the Future of the US Economy? Applebaum Explains adifferent approach to how we should handle this staggering debt. If we were able to not have these loan repayment obligations we would be able to use that money toward other expenses, and be able to stimulate the economy by shopping, buying new cars, houses ect. This would be a win win solution to the current crises. Applebaum’s would benefit all involved. The article went on to talk about their proposed solution to the debt crises, “The Income Based Repayment (IBR) program”. Applebaum mocks at how this whole idea, a solution if you will is more of a joke than a viable solution. however Applebaum was pleased that President Obama at least acknowledged the problem: a $1 trillion student loan debt. “First, the IBR repayment plan is available only to those with federal loans. Those drowning in private student loan debt, which often carries usurious interest rates and exceedingly few good options for anyone experiencing

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