A Qualitative Study of the Oglala Lakota Sioux: the Devastating Implication of Substance Abuse

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Unit 5
A Qualitative Study of the Oglala Lakota Sioux:
The Devastating Implication of Substance Abuse
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LSTD-5083-200 – Qualitative Research Methods
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These establishments sell alcohol to the Native Americans, ignoring the fact that the tribe has a collective drinking problem. This activity violates a treaty elders signed with the federal government to keep alcohol outside a 10-mile buffer area around the Pine Ridge Reservation boarders (Schwartz, 2006).
The intended purpose of the “ethnographic” project is to us the data gathered in order to ecologically and genealogically map the extent of the alcohol problem on the Pine Ridge Reservation, by defining the relationship between the geographical locations, and genetic tendency for alcohol abuse and addiction. To summarize the research will attempt to create the supportive data needed to map the correlating interactions in the lives of the addicted. The data accumulated will support the cause for new legislation to address the current driving forces fueling the situation.
The research question that this project is seeking to address is twofold. A) Is the geographical living location of the addicted Native American, living on the Pine Ridge Reservation a contributing factor to the use and abuse of alcohol? And B) is the Native Americans genetic predisposition for alcohol abuse and addiction, a contributing factor to the epidemically proportioned alcohol problem on the Pine Ridge Reservation? In addressing these questions the researchers will first hit the archives in a quest for the supportive data that is immersed

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