A Carreer as a Nurse Essay

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A nurse is often defined as “a person who cares for the sick.” Though this is true, nurse’s qualifications surpass this simple definition. Nurses have the abilities to deal with all different kinds of people in all different kinds of states. They treat the elderly, the temporarily ill, newborns, adults, the blind, the permanently ill, and the psychotic. They give care to people through grieving, birth, dying, illness, crying, pain, and loss. I want to be a member of the nursing field so I can assist others during their time of need and make an impact in their lives. My future goals include obtaining my Bachelors in Nursing, then pursing my degree as a Nurse Practitioner. I believe I possess the dedication, determination, and heart it …show more content…
I also discovered that I possess leadership qualities within myself. My teammates voted me captain and I led my team to a history-setting season. I am also captain of my lacrosse team. Lacrosse has definitely taught me the most about hard-work. I’ve learned that hard work really does lead to accomplishments in the future. My participation with sports has given me the qualities necessary to pursue my dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner.
Growing up, I never would’ve pictured myself working anywhere near the hospital, but after volunteering with the special education classroom at my high school, my future plans changed. I learned traits about myself that I didn’t know I possessed. I also learned I have a natural gift for helping people. I volunteer within that classroom every other day at school. They have become an influential part of my life. The kinds of kids I work with have cases such as spina bifida, down syndrome, and autism. I help them with life skills such as cooking and cleaning as well as teach their reading section of class. I’ve become such a leader within that classroom that the teacher and aids allow me to take control of the class for the time period I’m in there. I choose what I would like to do that day, whether it’s cooking, reading, or doing an activity. I also assist them in physical education. Being athletic definitely helps for this event. I often take them to our high school gym and play

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